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FRP Advisory – Pursuing excellence

“The proactivity [shown by Client Sense] was really helpful for us because we’re a lean team and we’re building things from the ground up. We needed that expert guidance and advice. We don’t know what we don’t know. So, it was a really impressive process and it really confirmed that we went with the right partner for this.”

Lean team doing great things

Many firms know what it is like to have a marketing department that relies on a lean team of experts to do vitally important work for the financial profitability and viability of their business. A firm’s marketing team is critical to keeping everything in motion, from defining and building your firm’s reputation, managing communications with potential clients and growing your client base. At the heart of any marketing team strategy is reliable data that can be confidently relied upon to drive decisions.

FRP Advisory is no different. As a leading national business advisory firm with over 27 offices throughout the UK and Cyprus, the marketing team very much punches above its weight, focusing on creating and implementing strategies to target potential sources of new business and strengthen existing relationships. FRP Advisory provides a range of services, including forensics, corporate finance, debt, restructuring and financial advisory. Working across such a broad range of services and with a diverse team working across multiple offices, FRP Advisory knew that having systems in place to harness the power of client relationship data effectively and economically was a key step they needed to take to drive forward their business.

FRP Advisory teamed up with Client Sense to do just this, transforming how they captured and utilised client data to more effectively grow and strengthen what they see as their most important asset: client relationships.

Agile solutions

“We needed something that was going to make sense of what we had, but not interfere with the systems we had already invested in. It was quite important for us that anything we did get was compatible with our CRM and our other platforms too.”

FRP Advisory were keen to utilise more effectively data arising from interactions they had with their clients, targets and contacts. However, they had recently invested in a new CRM system and were in the process of building that function from the ground up. They didn’t want to invest in something new that would interfere or take away from that already resource intensive process.

That’s where Client Sense came into the picture. Using Client Sense meant not having to reinvent the wheel and they were able to onboard the solution at the same time as the CRM system, without creating a duplication of effort or requiring significantly more resources from the FRP Advisory team. They found the agility and seamlessness of implementing Client Sense was one of its best features.

Winning hearts and minds

“By using Client Sense, we can help capture that important data without requiring staff to learn a new system and engage with it directly.”

Getting your people onboard with any new system can require a campaign to capture “hearts and minds”, to drive meaningful engagement and use it to its full potential. FRP Advisory, in implementing a new CRM system, were deep in the trenches doing just that.

It was therefore very important that Client Sense could largely happen in the background, quietly capturing and analysing key client data without requiring “buy-in” from staff to input information or be trained in how to use another new system.

Relationship Health Checks

“[Client Sense] allows us to do a bit of a health check on the relationships we have and bring a bit more science into that question.”

A systematic approach to analysing client relationship data was key to why FRP Advisory chose Client Sense. Working across 27 offices meant staff were often working with one another virtually and remotely, meaning those organic “water cooler” conversations around client interactions were less common and FRP Advisory were aware they wanted to see what was happening across their offices, and be able to capture a broad picture of how client relationships were tracking. Client Sense allows this to happen in real time.

Working in partnership

“I really feel Client Sense is a key part of the team. Even though it’s an external platform, Steve is really on this journey with us, in the trenches with us.”

With FRP Advisory in the UK and with Client Sense based in Australia, one question that arose was whether this would create any logistical difficulties. FRP Advisory found this was not a problem at all, with Steve and his team being very accessible with their time and accommodating to a fault. The onboarding process was therefore seamless, with the Client Sense team working with their IT team directly, while also checking in regularly with their marketing team to track how everything was progressing.

One particularly valuable element of that partnership was how Steve would proactively draw on experiences and learnings of other Client Sense clients, bringing those learnings to FRP Advisory so the best solutions could be implemented straight away. When a new feature was needed, Client Sense would also come back with a solution tailored to FRP Advisory’s specific business need. FRP Advisory found this aspect of ongoing customer service exemplary, and confirmed their belief that Client Sense is very much the solution for them.

Plans for the future

“There are loads of features we are looking forward to using.”

Looking forward, FRP Advisory is keen to explore further ways they can use Client Sense, including folding Client Sense into their pitch process. For example, it’s well known that so-called ‘cold pitches’ are rarely successful, and FRP Advisory are keen to use Client Sense to improve how they connect with potential clients prior to a pitch to increase their likelihood of success.

Knowing they have Client Sense working in key partnership means FRP Advisory are confident their ambitions will be matched with unwavering support from the Client Sense team, as they work together to grow the firm’s success.

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