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Smith Anderson – Taking Action with Client Sense

Smith Anderson lives and breathes action – and not simply for action’s sake. Their client-focused culture and forward-thinking insights have shaped the firm for more than a century as they help guide their clients toward success. But it is action based on knowledge and data which has been one of the largest contributors to their success, positioning them as one of North Carolina’s largest and most highly regarded law firms.

The beneficiaries of an approach such as this are both Smith Anderson’s clients and the firm itself. As a full-service business and litigation law firm, they advise companies that range in size from emerging growth businesses to large public companies. And these companies need the very insights which Smith Anderson are constantly seeking and cultivating.

Opening the door to revenue

Embracing technology allows law firms to stay current, streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency. Amongst a host of solutions designed to assist specific facets of the firm, Smith Anderson chose Client Sense to help manage client relationships, unearth intelligence and, ultimately, drive revenue.

The firm sought to understand where key relationships with certain clients were held, while also identifying opportunities for cross-selling and sales growth.

Smith Anderson’s Director of Client Services has been able to utilise Client Sense to help understand connections within the firm and streamline the process of identifying potential clients. Focused on sales, he finds the tool particularly beneficial as it saves time that would otherwise be spent guessing or making inquiries to identify connections. With Client Sense in place, he’s able to quickly access information about potential clients, their relationships and prioritise strategic actions instead of spending excessive time figuring out connections.

Not sitting still

Chief Marketing Officer Susan Costley leads Smith Anderson’s marketing and business development program. In describing why Client Sense has become such an integral part of their team, she discusses how the platform continually evolves.

“One thing that really stood out to me was to see the happiness that the company has to keep making sure that they’re growing and not resting on their laurels. And having been in this industry for a long time, I have not seen another technology company that’s so customer focused in this way.”

Just as Smith Anderson seeks to nurture the sort of new ideas that provide greater value for their clients and their firm, Client Sense is constantly taking on board the feedback of its users to improve the software.

“At Client Sense, it’s a very efficient, nimble and wonderful team, who are really able to dig into what the client’s needs are and they’re excited to make the product better and better all the time.”

Enabling fruitful collaboration

On one particular occasion, following an internal communication describing a transaction which one part of the firm had advised on, Marketing & BD Specialist Annette Corona was asked to help join the dots. Operating in the dark no longer, Annette was able to almost instantly identify the attorney’s who were closest to that specific client, and then make the necessary introductions to move the conversation forward.

Marketing and BD professionals within law firms are often faced with requests similar to this. They’re not always in a position to be able to help establish a clear picture of where certain relationships lie. In enabling that access to knowledge, Client Sense almost effortlessly arms marketing and BD functions with game-changing data.

Up and running from the beginning

Removing the barriers to be able to quickly adopt software is not always an easy undertaking. Cumbersome solutions can often be met with resistance to adopt and change – to the point where they no longer become viable. As Smith Anderson places such high importance on harnessing technology to drive innovation and client service delivery, it was critical that their ERM solution delivered results from the outset.

“It is so user-friendly that you kind of can just get into the system and play around with it and you really start to get a feel for it.”

Having the Client Sense team support in onboarding the solution, and deliver tailored training was highly effective for Smith Anderson’s marketing team. A comprehensive walkthrough of the product, delivered in just a single meeting, emphasised the user-friendly nature of the product.

Onwards and upwards

Smith Anderson are eager to find new ways to work with Client Sense to develop how it interacts with their marketing and BD function and supports their strategic ambitions. Taking action to connect their firm, expand client relationships and support decision making based on data is at the centre of what they’re looking to achieve. With Client Sense in their corner, Smith Anderson is well placed to do exactly that.