Client Sense automatically captures external contacts, who they know, their interactions, titles, addresses and more; helping your firm manage and protect the relationships that drive revenue.

Map and monitor your key client relationships

Why Client Sense makes sense:

  • Client Relationship Management

    Automatic and 360° visibility over the organisations and individuals that make up the firm’s key commercial relationships. See real-time information such as meetings, last contact and recent activity, without the need for any data entry.

  • Referrer Management

    Protect revenue by ensuring regular contact with key referrers is maintained. Grow and nurture your referral network, by ensuring the right people are remaining in contact and relevant with your firm's key referrers at all times.

  • Cross Servicing

    Identify which areas of your firm are and are not in contact with each of your clients. Identify actionable cross servicing opportunities to increase revenue, develop key practice areas, identify more strategic work and increase client retention.

  • Event and List Management

    Quickly develop event, mailout and invite lists using real-time and up-to -date data. Track attendance from webinars, breakfast sessions and other events and measure the engagement attendees have with the firm following each event.

  • Succession Planning

    Set and monitor the transition of key client relationships from one or more individuals to others within the firm. Support planned retirements, strategic changes to relationship accountability and proactive account management at all levels across your firm.

  • Contact Records

    Benefit from up-to-date and accurate Titles, Addresses and Telephone details, collected and maintained through advanced email signature analysis. Integrate and sync this data into any of the world's leading CRM or Email Marketing solutions, to put your firm ahead of the competition.

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No data entry...? How?

As a Microsoft Partner, Client Sense connects to your firm's email system; collecting titles, telephone numbers and 'who knows who' automatically and in real-time.

Is my data secure?

Client Sense can be installed on-site with your corporate systems or hosted in the cloud. Your sensitive client data never leaves your firm's systems.

Is Client Sense a CRM?

No, though it automatically captures contacts, known relationships, meetings, Titles, Telephone and Address information, which can significantly enrich a CRM / Email Marketing system.

Who in my firm would use Client Sense?

Client Sense is designed to help Management, Marketing / Business Development and Client Relationship Partners.

Can it be used to read staff emails?

No, Client Sense does not show the content of email, it only collects the data it needs for relationship and contact information.

Will it work with my email system?

Client Sense works with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Hosted Exchange (including a mixed / hybrid state).