Automatic and real-time visibility across the client, contact and referrer relationships that drive firm revenue.

Map and monitor your key client relationships

Key Benefits:

  • Key Client Monitoring

    Automatically identify and monitor the ongoing depth and breadth of key client relationships. Compare communication trends against fees to identify and forecast the potential loss of a key commercial relationship.

  • Referrer Management

    Ensure regular contact with key referrers is maintained. Protect and nurture your referral network with regular communication or meetings to ensure that a lack of incoming referrals is not the first thing to prompt you.

  • Client Relationship Mapping

    Map the individual relationships that make up the firm’s key commercial relationships. See real-time information such as meetings, last contact and email frequency without any data entry.

  • Winning New Work

    Your people and their network are your greatest asset. Leverage your existing network by identifying the staff, lateral hires or acquisitions that may hold relationships which can help you win work and target new clients.

  • Succession Planning

    Set and monitor the transition of key client relationships from one or more individuals to others within the firm. This supports planned retirement, strategic changes in Client Relationship accountability and junior BD growth by tracking progress.

  • Key Staff Departures

    Quickly identify the client relationships that may be impacted by the loss of a key staff member. See which other staff members are best placed to preserve those relationships and identify which other clients may have been contacted in the lead-up.

  • Key Client Contacts

    Act decisively in the event of a key contact leaving a client organisation. Identify each of the remaining client contacts and the staff the hold those relationships.

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No data entry…? How?

Client Sense connects to your firm’s email system, users do not need to file or flag emails for it to work. It just happens, hence no training or data entry needed!

Is my data secure?

Client Sense can be installed on-site with your corporate systems or hosted in the cloud. None of your data needs to leave your organisation for processing in anyway.

Is Client Sense a CRM?

No, Client Sense is a completely data-driven solution. Client Sense was designed to work along-side your Practice Management System or CRM if you have one.

Who in my firm would use Client Sense?

Client Sense is typically limited to Management, Marketing / BD and Client Relationship Partners. To avoid any sensitivities.

Can it be used to read staff emails?

Client Sense does not show the content of email, it only collects the data it needs for relationship and contact information.

Will it work with my email system?

Client Sense works with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Hosted Exchange (including a mixed / hybrid state).