Key Benefits for Business Development and Marketing

Key Benefits for Business Development and Marketing

Key Benefits for Business Development and Marketing

Key Client Programs

Working with different groups and Client Relationship Managers to help them nurture and protect their key client relationships has many inherent challenges.

Relying on busy professionals to manually enter ongoing client interactions, communication and meeting information, has traditionally meant that client care initiatives have simply not had the data or visibility required to support them. This is akin to a CFO trying to run a firm without an accurate financial system. 

The visibility that Client Sense automatically provides allows for an entirely new strategic capability. With real-time communication information and 360 degree relationship mapping, Business Development teams can perform much more strategically to both increase and maintain revenue.



Business Development Initiatives

Winning work from a known contact or a dormant client is much easier and more likely than winning a new client.

Helping groups and individuals to identify opportunities, ensuring they are front and centre when a clients' need arises or identifying and acting on cross-selling opportunities can be difficult without visibility across the relevant relationships.

Using Client Sense you can instantly identify the length of time where there has been no communication with a dormant client and even visualise the correlation between an uplift in communication and fees. Client Sense provides you with real-time data and can show the individuals, groups or offices that are communicating with a given client or contact.   

Hosting Events

Developing a relevant and up-to-date list of invitees for an event has traditionally been a major challenge for many Business Development and Marketing teams.

Working within the time constraints of a planned event, while sourcing an up-to-date list of contacts from business professionals, often leads to falling back on outdated spreadsheets, or simply inviting the same individuals from a prior event.

Failing to invite the most relevant attendees is not just a missed opportunity, it means that much of a firm's time and money invested in these events is simply being wasted.

With live communication data from Client Sense at your fingertips, you can maximise the firm's investment in events, reduce the time spent chasing people for lists, increase RSVP responses and reduce the number of 'no shows'.

Furthermore, with Client Sense you can confirm the subsequent engagement of attendees with the firm post-event, to better understand the effectiveness of each event.



Referrer Management

If referrer relationships are important to your firm, maintaining those relationships is an essential part of protecting the firm's revenue.

A firm's financial systems may allow for capturing and reporting on referrer fees. This will identify where a referrer relationship has potentially been lost, but this will only flag a problem after it has occurred. This style of reporting does work to measure referred fees, but does nothing to proactively maintain the referrer relationships that drive these fees.

Client Sense allows a lack of communication with referrers to be easily and actively identified. This allows your firm to proactively manage these relationships, help to protect and grow the firms revenue.

Email Marketing Lists

Staying front of mind with dormant clients, contacts and referrers can often lead to work. Being front of mind can be as simple sometimes as sending a regular email campaign with relevant content.

Email campaigns themselves are generally cost-effective, however developing and maintaining accurate and relevant lists can be very time consuming and difficult.

In just seconds, Client Sense allows you to refine and produce a full list of contacts to ensure your mailout reaches the right people.



Enhanced Prospecting

It is not what you know, but who you know. Most firms have an extensive known and trusted network of contacts, often spanning a range of physical locations and transcending industry sectors.

Client Sense automatically condenses this information and places it right at your fingertips, allowing you to leverage the firm's network through a simple and clean interface.

Knowledge is power. Simply knowing where there is a held relationship into a company or individual, allows you to leverage the relationships your people already have, to your firm's advantage.