Key Benefits for Relationship Managers

Key Benefits for Business Development and Marketing

Key Benefits for Relationship Managers

Keep Your Clients As Your Clients

If you are not keeping in touch with your clients, you can bet someone else will. 

Despite the best of intentions, when things are busy, relationships can be overlooked. Staying busy and winning the work you really want, means keeping these relationships warm at all times. 

With Client Sense you can rest assured knowing that you and your team are staying relevant and in contact with the people that really count - always.



Don't Leave Relationships To Chance

Being in 'the right place at the right time' no longer needs to be left to chance. With Client Sense you can be sure that you and your team are staying front of mind with the right people. 

Make business development and relationship management for you and your team actionable, measurable and therefore more successful. Hope alone, unfortunately, is not an effective strategy.

Focus Your Time On What Matters

Spend your time managing relationships, not databases. Know when and where to focus your business development efforts for the most effective results.

Through a simple 'traffic light' system, Client Sense automatically lets you know when you or your team have not had contact with your key clients, contacts, referrers or prospects.

Stop drowning in Outlook reminders and start focusing on what really matters; building and protecting your practice.



Build Your Practice

Relationships are critical to the growth and success of your practice. Growing your practice relies on nurturing and developing strategic relationships that ultimately drive revenue.

Client Sense is an intelligent business development assistant that works automatically behind the scenes, allowing you to manage and develop your key client, contact and referrer relationships.

Discover more opportunities and win work ahead of your competitors. 

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