Key Benefits for IT Teams

Key Benefits for IT Teams

Speed of Deployment

Client Sense has no desktop software or Outlook plug-ins, so there is no change to your Standard Operating Environment required. Client Sense is designed to run completely server-side, with access via a web interface.

There is no training needed for professional or support staff, because there is no data-entry. Those accessing Client Sense are typically Management, BD and Marketing, who are trained by our team as a part of the included onboarding process.   

Client Sense can be up and running in less than 1 day, with an average of less than 3 hours required from your IT team. Client Sense starts working for your firm as soon as it is installed, making it one of the quickest wins you and your team can give the business!



Data Integrity

When a firm introduces a separate CRM system, they can unwittingly bring in another client record database that then competes with and compromises the integrity of core financial and other management systems.

Having multiple data sources for key client records is not just an 'IT problem', it creates business challenges that result in complexities, inefficiencies, risk and confusion for staff. Which system do I update? Which record is more up-to-date? Which system is used for which particular records? We understand this problem well and set out to alliviate this issue for firms.

Client Sense does not compete with the databases you already have, rather it utilises existing data sources. Reading the relevant information it needs from Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, public Client records, Google and a range of Email Marketing systems, Client Sense is not another data entry point that you need to synchronise and manage.

Data Control and Sovereignty

Needless to say, your firm's client communication records need to be kept securely and exclusively by your firm.

Client Sense was designed to be installed and run either on-premises or in a hosted environment of your choice. This avoids your client communication data being sent or processed elsewhere, potentially including off-shore locations.

With Client Sense, you have complete control of your data at all times and you can be confident that access is limited to only those you choose to allow.