Business Development in Professional Services – Do you have the right tool for the job?

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  For decades, firms have attempted to implement CRM systems, often hitting up against a range of challenges that limit the success of these initiatives. A common issue is what is often considered a lack of engagement, staff simply not investing the time in updating or maintaining accurate client, contact and referrer records. So, are the lawyers, accountants, consultants, engineers …

3 practical ways Big Data can support Business Development and Client Retention

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  Technology continues to play a large part in modern business and we are only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of how Big Data will impact Professional Services. This article will focus on 3 very practical and achievable examples of how firms are using Big Data to drive Business Development and Client Retention. 1. Capitalise on your …

Why BD and Marketing need a seat at the ‘innovation’ table

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  There are usually a number of roles within a firm that are invited to contribute to the firm’s ‘innovation team’. Typically included is the CIO, a Partner with a ‘tech’ appreciation, a board member or CEO and a representative who has recently worked at or come from another organisation that is viewed as being ‘innovative’ or ‘progressive’. True innovation …

New features in version 2.0

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We are pleased to announce the following new features in version 2.0 of Client Sense: Enhanced Export – Allows you export data in a range of ways to support comparisons and information with other systems – Can be used specifically to compare active contacts with email marketing tools – Supports advanced filters to narrow export data Expanded Title, Department and …

5 ways Client Sense helps firms manage their key client relationships

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For most commercial practices, upward of 75% of their total revenue is derived from around 20% of their client base, so maintaining strong and ongoing client relationships is key to the success of these firms. Despite the importance of managing these key clients, many firms struggle to maintain accurate visibility over their commercial relationships. What is Client Sense? Client Sense …

New features in version 1.04

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We are pleased to announce the following features in version 1.04: New Favourites Dashboard – Allows you to have your own list of favourite client organisations or individuals on one screen – Shows information trends such as total emails, meeting invites, depth of relationship and last contact – Allows you to sort by any field, ie to show which clients …

Version 1.03

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Client Sense version 1.03 Performance improvements – Greatly improved performance of the application Bug fixes – Resolved numerous bugs and display issues

Version 1.02

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Client Sense version 1.02 UI redesign – Complete redesign of the client search UI to improve readability and increase functionality Calendar meetings – A new metric which shows how many calendar meetings have been accepted between your firm and a client

Version 1.01

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Announcing Client Sense version 1.01 Employee search – Search for any employee in your organisation to find a list of all clients they have had contact with. UI improvements – Improved readability of details