New features in version 1.04

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We are pleased to announce the following features in version 1.04:

New Favourites Dashboard

– Allows you to have your own list of favourite client organisations or individuals on one screen
– Shows information trends such as total emails, meeting invites, depth of relationship and last contact
– Allows you to sort by any field, ie to show which clients have been longest without contact or without meetings

New Favourites Dashboard

Date range filtering

– You now have the ability to filter client searches by date range

Send and receive metrics

– View the amount of emails that have been sent to your clients and received from your clients

Expanded search

– Searching for ‘bob’ now returns all domains that include ‘bob’ (ie along with an option to continue searching where ‘bob’ appears before the domain (ie

Export a list of all unique email addresses

– You can now easily export a list of all unique email addresses your firm has had contact with. You can export into Excel format which can be used to update MailChimp, Concep or other email campaign lists.

Direct link

– Client searches now provide a direct link that you can copy and paste. Useful for sharing the link in an email or adding to an intranet

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