Client Sense Release 3.0

Matt Dwyer Version Releases

Release 3.0

Relationship Management

Elevate the Key Relationships of Your Organisation

Introducing Relationship Management, a dashboard built for your Relationship Managers to help keep track of their important accounts.

Keep track of important relationships

Encourage the Right Behaviour

Ensure you’re staying front of mind for your clients. Set thresholds that are suitable for your organisation, your staff and your key contacts. Fine tune these thresholds at any time to achieve the best outcomes.

Fine tune thresholds at any time

Simple Traffic Light System

A simple traffic light system that’s reactive to the thresholds that you set allows instant recognition by relationship managers as to the status of their accounts.

Simple traffic light system

Information at Your Relationship Managers Fingertips

See who else has been in touch with key accounts, when they made contact and through what method.

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Signature Analysis

Meet SAM

G’day, I’m SAM.

My name is a cool acronym for Signature Analysis Module.

I run in the background and do my best to decipher signature blocks from inbound emails of external contacts. Once I find a signature I then look for contact details within the signature such as title, phone numbers and addresses. I then store this information against the contact in Client Sense making it easy for you to view.

Capture Current Details

Ensure you have the most recent details of your key contacts and clients.

Automated and Easy

SAM works tirelessly behind the scenes without interrupting the flow of end user email.

Export the Data

Export data collected by SAM and import it into other systems.

SAM is an optional feature

Enhanced Favourites

Favourites just got better, again!

It’s now easier than ever to manage and maintain your favourites. Add a new tab with the quick add button and edit any tab by simply right clicking. Copy a tab to get your lists started faster. Hide tabs that you don’t need to see right now to keep things neat and tidy. See the names of organisations and contacts in your list (and edit them too!).

Customise your favourites lists with custom columns

Keep track of important information at a glance with the ability to display custom field data on your favourites lists.

Choose the columns that are applicable to your list when creating your tab or update any existing tab. If the custom field has been populated on your entity it will appear in the list.

Choose which columns to display in your favourites list while editing the tab
Choose which columns are important to you while creating and editing your favourites tab
View additional columns in your favourites lists containing custom data
See your important fields at a glance in your favourites lists

Column customisation is an optional feature

Copy tabs

Control tab visibility

Export tab to CSV

Display organisation and contact names

Custom Columns


Contact Report Enhancements

The contact report has been updated to produce faster and more accurate results. Adjustments to the filtering have been made to make it easier to filter and custom field data can be included in the export.

Cross Servicing Report

Quickly identify opportunities with organisations that aren’t being serviced by multiple departments or key staff personnel.

Drop-off Report

Proactively identify external contacts where regular contact may have deteriorated or ceased


Create Custom Groups of Individuals and Organisations

You can now group individuals and organisations together to treat them as a single organisation. This comes in handy for organisations that run off similar but different domains or when you have a disparate group of people that don’t yet have a unified domain.

Group Similar Individuals

Group similar individuals to keep track of their multiple email addresses or as they move from one organisation to another.

Create Individuals and Organisations


Do you want to add someone to Client Sense that you’ve never had contact with, or do you want to have a list of prospects curated before reaching out to them? Now you can!

Start with a search

Search for an organisation or a contact to see if they exist, if no results are returned you can simply add a new entity.

How do I add in bulk?

If you’re working with a list you can also add them in bulk using the friendly Last Contact utility, this will make sure you aren’t adding any duplicates and will give you any details it has on existing entities.

360 Search Enhancements

Noise Filter

Purify your 360 search results by excluding contacts with insignificant amounts of contact, with the flick of a switch.

Talk to the right people in the right place

Get a better grasp on the seniority level of an external individual with the new title column and see their locality too with the location column.