Client Sense Release 2.1

Matt Dwyer Version Releases

Release 2.1

This release of Client Sense is focused on Favourites

What’s new with Favourites?

Spruce up your Favourite Tabs

You now have greater customisation over your Favourite Tabs


Choose an Icon that best represents the Favourites within your Tab


Pick a colour to make that icon pop!

Sortable Favourite Tabs

Drag and drop your Favourite Tabs to change their order and to set your default Tab

Sortable Favourite Items

Don’t forget, you can drag and drop your Favourites in a Tab to sort them into your preferred order

Favourites can now reside on multiple Tabs

This feature has been a popular request and what better time to include it than a release focused on Favourites

Adding a Favourite will now ask which Tabs to be added to instead of landing on your default Tab

Tip: This is also a good way to quickly find out what Tab a Favourite resides on

Goodbye default Favourite Tab

The default Favourite Tab has been phased out in place of a new dynamic Tab which can be renamed, have a custom icon and colour, moved or even deleted

Collaborate on Favourites

Your Favourites can now be someone else’s Favourites with the new Shared Tab feature

Allow others to simply view your Tab by sharing it, or let them contribute to help build the ultimate client list together

Subscribe to Favourites

Why do all the hard work when someone has done it for you?

View a list of subscribable Tabs and add them to your list. Subscribed Tabs will reflect all changes made by the people sharing them

Getting Started with Favourites

New users and those that haven’t configured any Favourites can now get started quickly.

A helpful dialog will offer suggestions on Favourites that they should add and Tabs that they can subscribe to if any are available.

What else is new?

Time of Day

You can now see popular times of communication with organisations and the departments most in contact at those times

Date Range Filter

It’s now possible to pick a custom date range when viewing an organisation

Last Contact Utility

There is a new utility available called Last Contact. Enter an email address or a list of email addresses to find out who within the organisation last had contact. This tool will also present similar email addresses if it can find any

Some examples of how this can be used are

  • checking who and when the last contact was with an email that has returned a bounce back.
  • quickly validating a list of emails to asses whether the firm has had any or recent contact
  • exporting the last contact results of a list of emails for external use

MailChimp Integration

The MailChimp integration has been enhanced to display member status of subscribed or unsubscribed on a list along with a coloured indicator. You will also now be able to see member rating

The colour of the MailChimp icon also changes between green, amber and red

  • Green – Contact is currently subscribed to a list
  • Amber – Contact is currently subscribed to a list but also has unsubscribed from a list
  • Red – Contact has unsubscribed